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Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday January 13, 2012
Harbison Room National Office

Meeting called to order by Charlie Hobbs, Chairman at 2:15pm
Mr. Hobbs introduced Eric Harris, new membership administrator for the National Office.
Approval of the agenda- Dick Southern made a motion to approve the agenda, motion seconded and passed
Approval of the Minutes- There was a motion to approve the October minutes as submitted. After discussion, Charlie Montgomery recommended adding the list of the members of the committee that were appointed and approved by the BOD to the minutes.  Motion seconded and passed.
Unfinished Business-
A new “Online application” form was presented. Mike Najarian submitted a similar form for review.  After discussion, it was decided to remove the word “war” from the top of the application and include the word “optional) for the time payment plan and use the application that was worked on by the committee. (Copy attached). Motion made by Richard DeLong to use the new form with the recommended changes. Motion seconded and passed.
Creation and development of trifold application update: The committee discussed the trifold and had a lot of questions. Mike Najarian will send a “brochure” to the committee members to review and give input. Recommended changes to the trifold will be discussed at the next meeting.
New Business:  
Budget: Chairman Charlie Hobbs discussed his recommendations for the MAC budget. The request includes funds to purchase a “tent” that has the VVA and AVVA logo in order to project the image we want to present. Recommendations from the committee included including justification for the purchase of a tent, (i.e.: how much we have spent renting tents in the past). Charlie Montgomery recommended increasing travel expenses to Texas to $600 and total travel expenses to $4,500. The committee agreed. The budget still has to go through the Finance Committee.
Electronic Membership Rosters: These will be sent out on a trial basis. Chapters that do not want electronic rosters should get their roster from the State Council.
Charlie Hobbs presented a Communication received from an At-Large Member about “communication” problems. After discussion it was decided the individual needs to be referred to the State Council.
Chapter Development Review- A sub-committee was formed to review the Development plan and make recommendations to the committee. Members include Charlie Montgomery, Dick Southern, Carol Baker, and Carol Schetrompf. Charlie Montgomery will chair the sub-committee. The Chapter Development Plan is available on line for review and for the MAC members to make recommendations to the sub-committee.
AVVA Report:  Cathy Keister was unable to attend. Her report was submitted in writing.
Len Ignatowski submitted a “membership recruitment” diagram for review.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:06pm.






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