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Public Affairs Committee Report
october 2012

Meeting was called to order at 2:15pm. Vice Chair Worthington was excused.

Attending - Bob Barry, Tom Corey, Vice President Elliott, Tom Hall, Ken Holy bee, Terry Hubert, Michael Keating, Marc  Leepson,  Gary McAdams,  Ron Morgan, Tom Owen, Jim Pike, Mokie Porter, Wayne Reynolds.

The committee discussed the following items;
Moderation of Slogan - "In Service to America" Committee members were of the opinion that the slogan still holds true for our organization.

A PSA inventory was provided to Vice Chair Worthington in the April Board meeting. Unfortunately Mr. Worthington was unable to be with us at this meeting. It will be necessary to inventory all current PSA's. for content and possible update. We would like to make PSA's available to the State Councils for their work as well. The review will have to be a planned for event, with (some) members of the committee present. It would cost prohibitive to bring in the entire committee. The committee felt that the PSA's should be extended to Face Book and Twitter.

Discussion took place concerning a request by a member to consider a Media Company of the Year Award, however the committee  for various reasons was not in favor of this endeavor.
A short discussion took place about the 50th Anniversary events. It was felt that the better approach to this would be going through our Chapter on a local basis.

VVA web - site upgrade / redesign

Mr. Worthington and myself had requested proposals from various entities to consider an upgrade to VVA's  web-site. Out of four requested, two responded.

The Orange Factory: (Note - Orange Factory was the original Web Designer for our web-page) Proposal includes much of what we have on the site today with some additions of items that we requested be looked upon. The initial cost of the upgrade (note this is not a redesign) would be between $24 and $50,000. If a redesign was considered cost raises to $70,000 plus. Considering possible updates, changes etc., before it would be released, I expect the cost would reach $100,000.

Proposal received by the Powerhouse at Laceworks, Lambertville, NJ.  I am advised have moved their operation to Pennsylvania.  Couple the items which seemed to intrigue the committee, was a note to establish a "Hero's Wall of Honor" This could include an interactive element allowing visitors, family, to post comments and photo's. Identify an honorary spokesman.

Establish a leverage of Vietnam Veterans, and tying it together with current Iraq and Afghanistan. VVA members or Vietnam Veterans in general to provide an educational avenue for kids and grandkids.
The pricing for all of this in the committee's opinion was extraordinarily low. $34,000. Our Staff made a statement that they did not believe all of the items in the proposal, could be delivered for that amount of money. It would probably be much higher.  Although some components of the proposal seemed interesting,  all seemed to be in agreement that this proposal would be cumbersome to establish and labor intensive.

The committee discussed Sub-committee Chair, Tom Hall's proposal to publish the Education hand book in electronic form. This would make it available for all to use as they saw fit.
Appointments of Award sub-committee Chair - Charley Montgomery, members Richard Delong, Judy Vargo were approved by the board. In addition the Appointment of Education Sub-Committee Chair Tom Hall, was also approved.

Public Affairs Committee Report
August 2012

Based on previous meetings  of this committee, we are setting up a list of priorities with which we will proceed forward. These are  works  in progress.

VVA web - site upgrade

Herb Worthington and myself have been looking for ways to raise additional monies for this project over and above budget. We approached Bill Nelson at HBO for a grant based on our belief that our current web-site needed upgrading.

We also advised of our desire to perhaps come up with some new PSA's that could be distributed to our State Council's for their use in their own states. Mr. Worthington was able to meet with Mr. Nelson in  person in New York to speak with him of our efforts.

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Nelson and HBO have sent us a check in the amount of $15,000 dollars as grant money to spearhead this effort described above. We will provide periodic reports to HBO about our progress. We believe that it is imperative that we appeal to people other than VVA. The general public if you will. We certainly do not need to talk to ourselves. The finance committee has approved this effort.

It should also be noted that President Rowan has charged this committee with the task of attempting to establish a marketing program that would address the entire organization. This will require something encompassing, somewhat generic, but at the same time selective in scope. The formation of this task will take time and will require input from others. We look forward to the task. 

Public Affairs Committee Report
April 2012

Meeting was called to order at 2:35 PM. Phone transmission was established with Tom Burke, Committee Chair to keep him in the loop.

In attendance was Herb Worthington, Vice Chair, Tom Owen, Carol Engle, Ken Holybee, Wayne Reynolds, Dan Stenvold, Michael Keating, Marc Leepson, John Minor, Mokie Porter, Fred Elliott, and Susanne Bohm-Weber, AVVA Public Affairs Chair.

The meeting followed the format and Agenda Supplied by Tom Burke National Public Affairs  Chair.

John Rowan covered the 30th Anniversary Film that was done by John Giannini noted film producer and stated that it would be a good thing to have for the historical end of VVA but he has misplaced the contact information for Mr. Giannini. He then went on to talk about VVA’s participation in the National DOD 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. VVA has been given 20 tickets to the Memorial Day celebration of the war at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC.

Mokie has also made contact with Ellen Duckman, web designer who also works with the IT department.

It was brought up that we need to modernize our motto of In Service to America and possibly add another slogan to read faster than our founding principle of Never Again will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another. The Committee will work on suggestions for sayings that include all veterans and are shorter than what we use now but still have the impact.

The Committee will review PSAs that the Communications department has and copies of these PSAs will be brought to meeting in New York with Ed Vick, John Rowan and Herb Worthington on Tuesday 4-24-12.

It was decided that we need to catalog all PSAs that we have in our possession and possibly put them on the web so the whole Public Affairs Committee can review and comment.

It was also noted that PSAs had to be made available to VVA State Councils for use on local Public Broadcasting Stations and local Public access Stations. It was further discussed that they also need to be put on Facebook and Twitter to bring better and more accessibility by the general public. A suggestion was made that we should also ask for donations on these PSAs.  It was suggested by Mike Keating that we need to limit the messages to about six categories.

It was determined that the web page also needs updating and is being worked on and a new, fresher design is in the works.

Tom Hall, National Education sub-chair was reappointed to the Education Sub-Chair once again without objection. He is going to review his Handbook and make changes and updates. The Committee will then see about turning the Handbook into a Disc Version and is able to put it on the web and produce the discs at a lower price.

The VVA Media Kit for outside Press, and Media People was discussed and will be looked at for updating if need be by Mokie Porter and the office.

The number of web pages that VVA has was discussed as was Twitter to get our messages out faster and to a broader audience. We determined that we need to also get our memberships ideas and move quickly on this project. We must decide who, and what, we are and present our help for all veterans.

The meeting then turned to the Awards Sub Committee and it was determined that the Chair of this sub-committee is Charlie Montgomery with member to include Richard Delong and Judy Vargo.

It was determined also to award a Media Award to deserving people and publications that fit into the VVA Criteria.

End of report. Committee meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Herb Worthington
Public Affairs vice Chair

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Public Affairs
Committee Report

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