Vietnam Veterans of America

Commendation Medal

Criteria & Process

Nomination Form


  The VVA Commendation Medal is the Corporations highest award, it is awarded for outstanding, exemplary service to veterans, and the community. The purpose of the award is to recognize those members, Associate or Individual, who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to ideals, mission, and goals of the Corporation through their work.
  Upon recommendation of a Chapter President, State Council President, or their Executive Board, the VVA National Public Affairs Committee, in consultation with the President of the Corporation, may authorize the awarding of the Medal.

The recommendation submitted must include a detailed narrative describing the reasons and circumstances why said submission should be considered. The attached form is the only form recognized for each recommendation.

Except for the parties submitting an individual recognition, the Committee and the President of the Corporation will be the only individuals in possession of the information, including the name, submitted. Prior to the actual award ceremony, only the committee and the President of the Corporation will know the identity of the award recipient. The presentation of the VVA Commendation Medal will be made at a convenient time and place, preferably among the recipients' peers. Under no circumstances will the Corporation authorize any travel, lodging, or per diem expenses for an individual to attend a National Board of Directors meeting for the ceremony. If this kind of presentation is desirable, the Chapter or State Council sponsoring the individual may wish to provide financing for these expenses.

To preserve and protect the integrity of the Medal, and the process, a subcommittee within the National Public Affairs Committee will be responsible for all submissions. Every effort will be made by the Subcommittee to safeguard the confidentiality of the process and the presentation. 

  The VVA Commendation Medal shall be worn over the left breast, and under no circumstances shall it be attached to headgear of any type. Male recipients shall wear the Medal on the left breast pocket or lapel of a sportcoat, sweater, or shirt. Female recipients shall wear the medal on the left breast pocket or lapel of a suit jacket or dress, sweater of blouse. The medal shall be worn by recipient only.