About Chapter 1030

   Our chapter was organized in June, 2009 by several members from Chapter 970 living in Cumming, GA. and recruitments of Vietnam Veterans through ads and word of mouth.

   By September, 2009 a sufficient number of VVA members were present, paid up and committed allowing us to formally apply for Chapter status. With the formal recognition by the State Org. in November, 2009 and the presentation of our Charter we were officially recognized as Chapter 1030.

   Appointed officers directed us until April, 2010 when elections were held and subsequent elected officers were sworn in and immediately began serving.

  Meetings formally proceed on a monthly basis and informally each Friday (see meeting).

Chapter1030 Officers


President: Billy Darby

Vice President: Ron Holloway

Secretary (Pro Tempore): Mike Hillhouse

Treasurer: Larry Garrison


Contact Chapter1030


Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter 1030

P.O. BOX 3088

Cumming, GA  30028

Phone: 770-889-4604

e-mail: billydarby@bellsouth.net




Meetings: monthly – 1st Monday of each month at Golden Coral in Cumming, GA. 6 PM dinner (dutch); 7 PM meeting. Also Friday mornings Romeo at 'the Station House' 125 Tribble Gap Rd., Cumming, GA - 9 AM Grits 'n Gab, also dutch at 'The Station House'.


Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 1030
Minutes – Monthly Meeting: january 7, 2013


The meeting was brought to order at 1900 hours by President Billy Darby.

The Invocation was given by Chaplain Dave Dever.

A moment of silence was given out of respect for all POW/MIAs who still remain unaccounted for from our Nation’s wars.

The Chapter saluted the flag and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice President Tommy Hutcheson requested all members turn off their cell phones.
There will be a fine for any cell phone interruptions during the meeting.

Secretary Mike Hillhouse gave the financial report.  

Secretary Hillhouse announced that in 2013 he will be e-mailing the minutes of the meetings to the membership as some cannot make the meetings and deserve to know what is going on with the Chapter.  

The scheduled speaker did not make the meeting and Marty Farrell said he would check into the situation.

Vice President Hutcheson asked the membership to come up with some ideas for projects to benefit our community and veterans. Some of the ideas presented were to adopt a family or families of Veterans in Iraq or Afghanistan as they may need help. It was also suggested to contact a Community Affairs Coordinator with Forsyth County. Another suggestion was to help local shelters that take care of abused women and children. The goal of our chapter this year is to be more visible in our community and to grow our membership.

A discussion then ensued about the lack of support from local Service Officers and problems with the service at the Veterans Hospital in Decatur.

President Darby requested a Board Meeting for March. The Chapter is required to have a minimum of four each year.

Marty Farrell announced that Cody Jackson, our honorary member is to receive a Presidential Community Service Award. The award will be presented in the office of State Senator Tom Price. We are all very proud of Cody and his accomplishments.
Secretary Hillhouse then read a letter from Wendy, Shelby, and Hailey Yarbrough thanking the Chapter for our support for Camp Blue Skies. Camp Blue Skies supports the families of children with cancer by funding a vacation week at the beach. Our Chapter donated money to help Wendy, Shelby and Hailey attend the camp to support these families. The money is used to purchase beach bags for the 12 families which are embroidered with the Camp’s theme, “Until Then.”

Our Chapter’s name and number is also embroidered on the bottom of the bag. The embroidery is furnished by a volunteer at no cost. The money we donate also purchases the family needs for the week such as sunscreen, disposable underwater camera, 2 beach towels, a water bottle for each family member and a card that reads “We hope you have a blessed week. Please enjoy this bag from Vietnam Veterans of America , Cumming Chapter 1030.”

Vice President Hutcheson made a motion that we make another donation to support Camp Blue Skies again this year. The motion was put up for discussion, then seconded and the membership voted to approve the motion.

President Darby adjourned the meeting at 1945.

The next meeting is February 4th.